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We worked on the details so that your bigger picture is


I loved using this planner. It kept me sane in boring meetings. Really loved the inspirational quotes, they were a beautiful reminder of my strength.

I get high on writing down plans (short /long term) and it felt good being able to reflect on my life monthly in a pretty planner. I’m obsessed with beautiful stationery and this planner is one of my most cherished items.


The last two years I suffered from very bad depression and anxiety. When I got my planner I put down my goals and things I promised myself. It was a tough journey to healing but my planner was part of my healing process. Putting my goals and promises/intentions in black and white and working on has helped my immensely.



I could not be happier. Thanks for allowing me to plan for my year with introspection and grace. 

The affirmations in the planner really allowed me to be in the flow of my life. One time I was having a really terrible couple of days and the affirmation for one of the days was, "It's okay to cry". Who knew crying would make me feel so much better :) 

I really enjoyed using the Thembekile planner in 2018, it helped me to keep on track of all my daily tasks and I loved colouring in the illustrations whenever I needed to destress. I highly recommend it!

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